Yodlee redesign of the onboarding. Interactive wireframes and exploring visual options.

       NY Options

NY Options Software Management tool for Social workers to intake and manage children and information that are wards of the state of NY. Redesign of the tool delivered wireframes and visuals for desktop and explored the mobile solution for the social workers in the field.

       Walmart Labs

Walmart Labs SEM Software. Redesigned the User experience. Delivered wireframes and visuals for development. See Case Study for details.


A new design and branding of the online Urban Cowgirl store. Explored the use of customer engagement with the introduction of the Giddiup Lounge. Case Study to come.



Smart Catch Digital Data and Monitoring system for deep-sea fishermen. Created branding, marketing, and product UI. Case Study to come.




Kwik Shopping iOT

Kwik Shopping button. Designed the iOS and Android onboarding and shopping experience for Kwik’s P&G POC. See Case Study.