KWIK Case Study


  • Problem – Situation
  • Tasks – My Goals
  • Actions
  • Results

KWIK - Shopping Button

“When I get off work, I want to be home with my family. Spending my time running out to buy a one off item takes time from what I want to be doing. The KWIK button would allow me to keep supplies delivered as I see them running low.”


“Pretend I’m your grandmother!”
I was hired by the CEO of the Israeli startup. He was an Israeli Fighter pilot
He loved two thing: The voice over in the fighter jet cockpit and this project.
He wanted this to be simple enough for a non technical person and add the voice over similar to what they
have in the fighter jets that he flew.
I was brought in to redesign the on-boarding and shopping experience for the KWIK shopping button.
He would review the flow work in progress and exclaim, “I want this to be simple enough for my grandmother
to use.”
We had a partnership with Proctor and Gamble. I worked with their design team on the shopping shelf,
created the script and hired the VO to walk the user through the WiFi set up and created the wireframes, the
visuals and the interaction specs for the IOS mobile and Android. I worked with two development teams
across the globe. I designed one for Android and one for IOS mobile phones.


Key Tasks
  • Manage household with full time job
  • Take care of family after home
  • Maintain supplies in the household
  • Simply restock cleaning products and household essentials
  • Work needs to communicate with user in regard to scheduling
  • School uses the internet for assignments and communication
Pain Points
  • Going shopping with children to come home and find out you forgot something
  • Getting home late from work and not having the products needed.
  • Need the button to work simply and alert the user that they have made an order.

Design Process

Problem - Situation​

KWIK is an IoT Shopping Button. It has a complex on-boarding and a lot of drop-off during the WiFi set up
process. They had a few customers in Israel but they also had a new partnership with Proctor and Gamble
and needed to redesign the on-boarding and shopping experience in order to integrate with P&G products for
a POC test in the South East.

Tasks - My Goals

Define user’s goals
Simplify onboarding experience and create a shopping experience


 I created:
User Journey, Flow chart, Wireframes, prototypes and Voice Over scripts and production
Visuals, copy, icons, fonts, style guide, interaction specs

Results and Outcome

I created an on-boarding experience that integrates with existing and new customers. We tested with customers in Israel. The testing was performed by the customer support team. I and the CEO supplied them with questions. This gave us insight into consumer pain points and what was working.

Results: Decreased drop off during onboarding the IoT and WiFi. I created a flow for the POC test with Proctor and Gamble. I added a branded shopping experience for P&G  partners. I worked with the P&G design team to implement their images into the shopping tiles. We had a successful launch with our new partners.


Product Designer:
UX/Interaction Design, Visual Design

Journeys, Flows and Wires

“ I need our customers to be able to order tide products when they see they are starting to get low.”

~P&G Marketing Partners ​

“ Pretend I am your grandmother. I want this experience to be simple and have the voice over walk the user through the onboarding process.”


Business Value


The business strategy is to bring a shopping IoT button for consumers. This is a partnership with brands that provide consumer services. This is designed to create a simple way to re-order products as supplies run low.

The POC with larger US companies was put together in order to test the simplicity of on-boarding and the adoption of the button by the consumers.


Successful by in by P&G. Successful initial POC. Lower drop off during set up.