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Charles Schwab

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  • Tasks – My Goals
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Charles Schwab Wire Transfers

“I always go into the brick-and-mortar bank because I don’t have a printer. The process is too confusing and a lot of money is at risk.”

~Interviewed Banking Client ​

The product owner and I defined the project based on business requirements and workshop results.

Initial ask: Take the manual paper experience and create an end-to-end digital experience.

Problem: The manual process was extremely complex and the dependencies on multiple teams and legal requirements were many.

Solution: The product owner and I created a massive initial workshop using a mural. We invited all the teams that would be impacted by this project as well as the customer service reps, third-party partners, and stakeholders. This allowed us to identify the main pain points for the client and the teams that handle the transfer manually to the end. We also explored ideas and solutions that were out of scope as well as identified the most crucial problems that clients face.

This initial workshop provided us with a working set of solutions based on a hierarchy of needs and what we could address within the scope of the project, budget, timeline, and dependency teams bandwidth—we identified our MVP.


Key Tasks
  • Send money to title companies
  • Send money to the brokerage house
  • Send money to individuals, domestic and foreign
  • Set up a simple payee form for sending a wire transfer
  • Create a future-dated wire experience
  • Create a clone and SLOA experience
  • Identify and fill in the gaps for the TD Ameritrade merger
Pain Points
  • End recipient instructions inconsistent
  • Existing content is confusing
  • The manual process is labor intensive
  • Client fear over sending large sums of money

Design Process

Problem - Situation​

Before the enhancements, clients wanting to make an outbound wire transfer were limited to same-day or next-day transfers that required them to completely fill out a separate form for each transfer the process also required a great deal of back-office settlement for clients requesting wire transfers 30 days in.

Address top pain points

  • End recipient instructions inconsistent
  • Existing content is confusing
  • The manual process is labor intensive
  • Client fear over sending large sums of money
  • No way to set up future-dated wires
  • No way to save payee information

Tasks - My Goals

Months of massive coordination and collaboration include client research, workshops, user experience design, back-office show and tell, design flow, usability testing, and revision work. Go live with Adobe Analytics tagging, and enhancements to improve the experience. Close the gaps for the TD Ameritrade merger by including features, cloning, future dates, access to activity transfer tables, and the ability to cancel a wire.


Lead product UX designer
Run workshops
Usability research

Results and Outcome

Since launching. the features are a hit with clients. Retail clients are cloning 14,000 wires every month which makes up 18 percent of total wires submitted digitally. A client using the cloned wire features wrote. “ I just used the wire tool that allows you to send a prior destination: AMAZING! I hardly ever wire money, but that was a breeze.”

Since Future dated wire functionality launched in February, more than 5200 future-dated wires have been requested.

The multiple teams that came together to make both projects possible are ATP, Wires Ops, MyQ, Status Utility, MMS, ADA Compliance counsel, Legal / Risk Counsel, and User Experience Lead.

Journeys, Flows and Wires

Business Value

Charles Schwab

Of all the options for moving money at Charles Schwab, wire transfers are the fastest.

It is even faster and easier now thanks to the new digital end-to-end flow and the addition of future-dated wire and wire cloning features available on and soon to go live the native applications on iOS and Android.

This brings Schwab a seamless end-to-end digital experience just in time for the merging of TD Ameritrade and Schwab client digital move money experience.