Cloud Mondo


  • Problem – Situation
  • Tasks – My Goals
  • Actions
  • Results – Delivered

About Cloud Mondo

“When I get off work, I go to the mall to meet up with friends or use the internet to call my family. It is too expensive to have internet in my apartment.”

~Philipines Resident ​

Cloud Mondo - WiFi Management Tool

Cloud Mondo is a software development company. Cloud Mondo is building a consumer mobile application for managing WiFi as well as an enterprise app for ISP’s (Internet Service Providers ) and VAR’s (Value Added Retailers) to manage their output.

Cloud Mondo’s goal is to create an affordable WiFi system for emerging economies. This is accomplished by re-configuring routers and providing them at cost to retailers. This will allow the ISP’s a savings that they can then pass onto the consumer.

I was on a team tasked with designing the mobile apps for finding Hot Spots, on-boarding and managing WiFi systems. We: CTO, PM, Interaction Designer (me) and the Visual Designer, all worked closely together. I used whiteboards with PM, CTO and Devs to better understand the needs from the management tool. I used mockups and prototypes to share the work flows, gain insights, input and approvals for the proposed designs, workflows and interactions.

I conducted research interviews with call centers of our competitors for the router on-boarding. We gained insights into the pain points of their customers. We used family and initial POC users to get feedback on initial production testing. This helped to refine our solutions and focus on making a more seamless experience.


Key Tasks
  • Easily add minutes to phone
  • Find Hot Spots while out and about
  • Communicate with friends, family and work
  • Manage router for family and coffee shop
  • Use her phone to keep in touch with her family while away at school
  • Work needs to communicate with user in regard to scheduling
  • School uses the internet for assignments and communication
Pain Points
  • Expensive to buy minutes
  • Needs to find Places to get minutes while user is out and about
  • Needs to be able to find hot spots in a public place in order to: do homework, meetup with friends, watch movies, share videos, etc…

Design Process

Problem - Situation​

Cloud Mondo needed a designer to work with the development team on creating a mobile application that can be used two fold. One for the user to find hot spots and upload minutes. Two to set up a router and WiFi system in their home or business and manage the WiFi system from the phone.


Create Hot Spot map
Create an easy router setup
Create WiFi Management and on-boarding experience for Android and iOS
Create a global navigation
Set the hierarchy for the dashboard for the WiFi Management
Create: ‘Add a Friend’ and ‘Manage WiFi’ experience


Product Designer:
UX, InteractionDesigner

Actions - My Goals

• User Journeys
• Flow charts and wireframes
• Brain storming sessions with stakeholders and developers, PM and design team
• Create wireframes
• Create content: visuals, copy, icons, fonts, style guides

Results - Delivered

I created onboarding flow, wireframes and interaction specs for router setup.
I created the flow for the WiFi management tool for consumer and business users.
I created the experience for finding Hot Spots and ISPs.
I created the dashboard flow and hierarchy along with the CTO and PM for internet management.
I worked with the visual designer to create final deliverables.
I worked with the PM and CTO and devs to align the flow with the BR and adjust to the scope and resources
and timeline for the solutions recommended.

Journeys, Flows and Wires

“ I need to be able to sell a router to a family and know they have an easy way to set up the internet at home and easily add their family and friends to their private internet. As an IP I can’t be in the store and setting up routers at the same time.”

~Philipines Internet Provider ​

“ My customers need to be able to easily invite my family and friends to my internet at home.”

~Internet Provider ​

Business Value

Cloud Mondo Goals

The business strategy is to bring affordable and micro businesses to emerging economic regions. The pronged approach allows Cloud Mondo to bring business opportunities to small communities. Cloud Mondo is an enterprise app for ISP’s (Internet Service Providers ) and VAR’s (Value added retailers) allowing users a way to manage WiFi.

Cloud Mondo is able to create a larger Internet Service by adding features and other business opportunities that I am not at liberty to discuss.


The POC in several locations was very successful and allowed us to identify pain points and software issues that can be improved along the way.